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Board of Directors

Jitendra Singh

Chairman & Founder

Kudos, originally a Greek word is largely used as a 'praise for a particular achievement'.

Standing true to its name is Kudos' most coveted achievement when it debuted caffeine under the global systems of beverage and pharma majors where no Indian manufacturer could tread before!!

This exemplary achievement created an anvil for deploying and Integrating related products driven by process synergies that were powered by the agro residues of Punjab, thus turning the entire manufacturing base 'unique and carbon neutral'.

Kudos Technology incubator, well recognised by CSIR remained the key driver of growth in its two and a half decade existence.

Kudos earned and celebrated much of its Kudos from this Trilogy of Sustainability, Technolgy ownership and Integration and thus accomplishing its national goal of 'Make in India' and a brand which is one of its kind on Earth.

Kabir Sodhi

Managing Director
  • Chemical engineer with a BS from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USA and an MS from Cornell University, USA
  • Joined in July, 2014, Kabir is actively involved in new process development, improving current yields and overall plant design

Gurmeet Sodhi

  • Graduate in Arts, she looks after the areas of General Administration, Human Resource Development and Material Management.