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Environment Control Measures

Water Pollution Control

Three types of liquid effluents are generated from process as indicated below:

  1. High TDS Streams: High Inorganic Effluents are treated in MEE’s.
  2. Low TDS Streams: Biodegradable Low Inorganic Effluent which are generated mainly from Floor Washing and finally treated through ETP & PT-RO.
  3. Blow Down water Streams: All blow-down water treated through RO-Genesis and recycled back to cooling towers/Gardening.

1. High TDS Water Treatment

High TDS Streams are treated in Salt Recovery Plant to recover intermediates and salts. The process is developed by Kudos In-house Technical Team. The Major Equipments being used during this stream’s treatment.

Major Equipments: Double/Triple Effect Evaporator, Entrainment Separator, Axial Flow Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Reactor/ Crystallizers, Storage, Tanks, Centrifugal Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Spin Flash Drier, Pusher centrifuges etc.,

2. Low TDS Water Treatment

The Low TDS effluent is mainly generated from the floor wash of manufacturing area, equipment washing, filter & filter cloth washing, MEE vapour condensate & Sewage Water. This combined effluent pumped to lagoon for equalisation for treatment. Process flow diagram for treatment is given below.

3. Blow Down water Streams

All blow-down water from Boiler & Cooling Towers is treated through RO-Genesis and recycled back to cooling towers/Gardening.

Online Monitoring Systems (Air & Water)

Health Systems

Equipped Occupational Health Center

Fire Protection System

Training On Fire Fighting

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Safety Systems

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