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Manufacturing Facility

Kudos' manufacturing facilities are situated in the Industrial area of Derabassi, Punjab. This location houses the entire current manufacturing facilities, In-house salt recovery and effluent treatment plant which together facilitate a sustainable manufacturing and environmental management systems.

Xanthine Manufacturing Facility

Xanthine Plant Manufacturing facility is divided into 12 different process and recovery plants that have dedicated lines for each Xanthine derivative. Some of the key features of these plants include:

  • Houses over 250 Stainless Steel Reactors ranging from 6.5 KL to 9 KL capacity
  • Designated area for high pressure Hydrogenation reactions
  • DCS Scada controlled Extraction system for recovery from mother liquor and effluent streams
  • Over 35 Peeler Centrifuges and 15 Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers
  • Larox Pressure Filters for isolation of difficult to filter intermediates
Larox Pressure FilterLarox Pressure Filter DCS SCADA Controlled Xanthine PlantDCS SCADA Controlled Xanthine Plant Xanthine Plant - Unit - VXanthine Plant - Unit - V Xanthine Recovery PlantXanthine Recovery Plant Xanthine Intermediate PlantXanthine Intermediate Plant

Purines & Anti-Viral Manufacturing Facility

Purine Plant (PU-XII) was setup in 2012 and is the crown jewel of the manufacturing setup which houses reaction and filtration equipment constructed from exotic alloys used for highly acidic/corrosive process steps. Some of the key features of this plant include:

  • Houses over 90 Glass Line reactors & Stainless steel reactors (6.5-8 KL)
  • Fully DCS SCADA operated Hydrogenation section
  • Over 10 Hastelloy-C Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers
  • 4 separate areas for isolation of different intermediates/finished goods through 8 Peeler Centrifuges
Purine Plant - Outer ViewPurine Plant - Outer View Purine Plant - Intermediate SectionPurine Plant - Intermediate Section Purine Plant - UtilitiesPurine Plant - Utilities

Dedicated Clean Rooms For Multiple Products

5 different GMP and EDQM approved Clean Rooms with dedicated isolation, drying and packing equipment.

Edqm Certificate-2Screw Type Alexanderwerk Granulator Edqm Certificate-1Dedicated FBDs FSSC-1Peeler Centrifuges