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Quality Control & Warehousing

  • In order to acquire and continue serving the best brands in the world, Kudos has to adhere to some of the most stringent quality requirements that are not applicable to generic multi-purpose plants, here in India.
  • Kudos has successfully and repeatedly achieved many quality certifications:
    • Product quality adhering to US FCC standards
    • Certificate of Suitability from European Directorate of Quality Medicine & Healthcare (EDQM)* on plant and process systems
    • ISO 9001:2000 on manufacturing systems
  • Thanks to the in-house R&D setup and technical background of the promoters, Kudos has always endeavored to stay on the forefront of Xanthine and Purine manufacturing. This has been well appreciated by our customers since they enjoy relief in pricing without any compromise on quality and delivery.
  • Specifications of all marquee customers have been bundled together to develop Kudos' in-house specification for its products thereby making the final product acceptable to all customers (barring physical characteristics). This has been made possible by an amalgamation of dedicated state-of-the-art equipment, world class inputs, high yields and efficient process systems. Needless to say, having such stringent in-house specifications allows for almost negligible chances of failure in quality (since inception, Kudos has not had any product recall on product quality), optimizes operations and reduces downtime.
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Quality Control & Warehousing

Quality Control

  • Dedicated In-process, Finished Goods and Instrument lab
  • 8 HPLC's for stage wise Process Analysis
  • 2 GC's for analyzing RM, Intermediates and Final Products
  • UV Spectrophotometer for Final Product analysis
  • FT IR Spectrophotometer for Identification of Molecules
  • Stability Chamber with PLC control
  • State of the art Microbiology facility to monitor water samples and environmental monitoring of Clean room and Final Product analysis


  • Dedicated warehouses for Raw Materials, Intermediates, Engineering Materials and Finished Goods - Quarantine & Final
  • 760 Pallets can be stored (380 Tons) of finsihed goods
  • G+7 tier racking System
  • Using Articulated Fork lift for material Handling and Lifting height is upto 9.0 Mtr

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